We will create a “flash labyrinth” with available river deposits and hold a ceremony to honor and restore to wholeness the Swannanoa River system.

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Background Information

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC) and the Media Arts Project (MAP) announce the 4th annual {Re}HAPPENING, on Saturday, April 6th from 6pm to Midnight in the original dining hall of the former Black Mountain College, now Camp Rockmont. Inspired by our imaginings about what a “typical” Saturday night at Black Mountain College might have been like, the {Re}HAPPENING pays tribute to the groundbreaking artistic innovation of Black Mountain College as well as its community tradition of Saturday night parties and performances. The goal of the event is to bring BMC’s dynamic energy into the present day. More info: http://rehappening.com/?page_id=2

Short Summary

Described as a “winsome water nymph” by native resident, Mary Ford Miller, the Swannanoa River has graced the BMC campus with its focal point, Lake Eden, since before the inception of the college.  Without the constant influx of renewing waters the lake would not be worthy of its name.  The walking labyrinths has been used as a human gesture of affection toward the earth for centuries across many cultures.  As a ceremonial event, on the occasion of the 2013 {Re}Happening, we propose the construction of a ca. 30 foot diameter labyrinth, the location and orientation to be dowsed and the path-marking materials to be collected locally on the day of the event.  A ceremony and procession will take place at a designated time during the program.

What We Need & What You Get

WHAT WE NEED (Total $5000)

  • Dowser’s fee – to locate and orient the labyrinth most beneficially – $1250
  • Lodging and food – for two overnight’s day before and night of event – $500
  • Construction of kiosk – $1000
  • Information: posters, flyers, etc. – $500
  • Torches and/or other illuminating materials – $750
  • Other materials for labyrinth – $1000


  • $100 donation – Be a labyrinth go-fer.  Help gather and assemble the river deposits into the labyrinth.  Must be available on-site all day Saturday, April 6, 2013.
  • $50 donation – Receive a 1-year membership in the Keepers of the Integrity of the Swannanoa System (KISS) with all its associated benefits.
  • $25 donation – snail mail a written blessing to be burned in the labyrinth ceremony.
  • $25 donation – receive 11×17” color poster of finished labyrinth and/or/during ceremony.

The Impact

In addition to expanding the experience of the 2013 {Re}Happening your donations will have the following positive effects:

  • Raising human awareness of the importance of watershed integrity
  • Raising human awareness of the natures/variations/applications of labyrinths
  • Having a real beneficial benefit on the watershed, the planet, and humanity