We will create a “flash labyrinth” with available river deposits and hold a ceremony to honor and restore to wholeness the Swannanoa River system. Described as a “winsome water nymph” by native resident, Mary Ford Miller, the Swannanoa River has graced the BMC campus with its focal point, Lake Eden, since before the inception of the college.  Without the constant influx of renewing waters the lake would not be worthy of its name.  The walking labyrinth has been used as a human gesture of affection toward the earth for centuries across many cultures.  As a ceremonial event, on the occasion of the 2013 {Re}Happening, we propose the construction of a ca. 30 foot diameter labyrinth, the location and orientation to be dowsed and the path-marking materials to be collected locally on the day of the event.  A ceremony and procession will take place at a designated time during the program.

Artists: Lance F. Howard, Sam Robertson, Wendy Owens, Stephen Barnwell, and Donna Askew

Location: Green Lawn by the Tennis Courts