The Quiet House is an important structure in the history of the Black Mountain College. Artists at the College used this space to reflect and mediate, in silence. These moments of reflection are a necessary part of the creative process.

This installation delves into the contemplations of the creative process, by transitioning through a series of images, sounds and movements. The performance is a cycle that starts as silence and complete white and then builds in sound and movement.  The climax is an overwhelming intensity of sound and movement, and then a sudden halt falling back to complete silence and stillness, only to begin again.

In the quiet house we will be building an environment with cloth, sound and projections. The sound will be random voice layering, tone swells, and random sounds created live. The projections will be abstract video clips of shapes, textures, colors, and light, focusing on color and on the absence of color.

The performers will be deconstructing and reconstructing the cloth environment throughout the night. They will be moving with pieces of the cloth and cutting it with scissors, even ripping the material in moments of intensity. The viewer is invited to come into the room and experience the space, to mediate, to relax, and to reflect.