Motiles are a generative design platform. Each motile is comprised of three parts: one bike, one metal unit, and one human. We would like to travel the motiles inaugural unscripted performance event to ReHAPPENING. The ING occurred on January 20th 2012 and is entitled REPLY’ALL.

During REPLY’ALL, people are asked to share the last text message they received by writing the message down on a post card. The text messages are transcribed using magnetic letters on the side of a motile and circulated around a given route in the immediate environment before being replaced by the next text message. This process continues until the event ends. During the first iteration, we did not solicit participation but waited to be approached by curious people.  We collected 87 responses in one hour of which we were able to display 38 messages before the event ended.

Motiles are particularly adept to responding to the local environment. In addition to REPLY’ALL, we would be interested in collaborative and spontaneous uses of the motiles. For example, we have used the motiles as an as an alternative gallery space displaying local high school student art work during First Friday art events in the area. The motiles were well received by the public. We believe the motiles are uniquely capable of acting as points of convergence in activating spaces and publics. We could use the motiles to display others visual work or as an impetus to generate original and serendipitous content unique to the ReHAPPENING environment on April 7th, 2012.