Illustration: Projection being cast onto the outside wall of the enclosed space.

Proposal for the 2012 ReHappening
Title: Environmental Narrative
Artist: John Seefeldt

ReHappening Proposal-john seefeldt (PDF)
john seefeldt-budget (PDF)

Artist Portfolio:

The goal of this installation is to create an environment conducive to an audience
developed narrative through the use of discovery and play. The audiences’ interactions will all
happen within an engineered environment that places them within a fiction designed to focus the
individual narratives around a unifying aesthetic.

The environment will consist of a small 7‘x10’ enclosed area with three closed walls and
a fourth with fogged windows. The windows are actually rear projection surfaces that are
viewed from the inside of the enclosed area. The projector is located 15’ from the enclosed area
and 8’ off the ground. The inside of the enclosed area is outfitted with products and furniture
similar to the way homes of the future would have been at a world’s fair. The difference in the
objects for this space is that they are designed to communicate a simpler, believable narrative
instead of a fantastic unimaginable future. The projected imagery being viewed through the
windows is a digital 3D rendered environment that responds to the audiences location and
interactions within the space. The projection will also support the aesthetics and engineering of
the objects within the installation by illustrating the community and environment that these
objects are designed to exist within.

This installation will require a low light indoor location for the projection to be viewable
during daylight. If an indoor space is not available the projection portion will only function after

Please Contact John if you would like to help support his project.