Artist Lineup for {Re}HAPPENING 2018


Featured Artist, Roomful of Teeth 

The 2018 {Re}HAPPENING will take place on Saturday, March 31st with dozens of local, regional, and national artists including the GRAMMY-winning Roomful of Teeth, a vocal project dedicated to reimagining the expressive potential of the human voice. Through study with masters from vocal traditions the world over, the eight-voice ensemble continually expands its vocabulary of singing techniques and, through an ongoing commissioning process, forges a new repertoire without borders. 

Founded in 2009 by Brad Wells, Roomful of Teeth gathers annually at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in North Adams, Massachusetts, where they’ve studied with some of the world’s top performers and teachers in Tuvan throat singing, yodeling, Broadway belting, Inuit throat singing, Korean P’ansori, Georgian singing, Sardinian cantu a tenore, Hindustani music, Persian classical singing and Death Metal singing. Collaborators include Rinde Eckert, Fred Hersch, Glenn Kotche, Merrill Garbus (of tUnE-yArDs), William Brittelle, ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble), Nick Zammuto (of The Books), Toby Twining, ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble), Ted Hearne, Silk Road Ensemble and Ambrose Akinmusire, among many others.

Photo courtesy of Bonica Ayala Photography

Artists Include:


The Media Arts Project + Revolve, John Cage Room: A reactive multimedia installation scored by three movements which feature live coding, sound, performance and visuals. The space will be a hub for chance encounters, prompted actions, and a variety of trans-disciplined activities. Organized and conceived by a curatorial collaboration between Victoria Bradbury, Carmelo Pampillonio, Alec Sturgis, and Colby Caldwell. Sponsored by and featuring local modular synthesizer company Make Noise.

Dirk Adams, Skipping Rocks : Skipping Rocks is a four-person, headphone-based sound game.  Four participants per cycle wear headphones that provide instructions for movement and narrative elements within an immersive ambient audio environment.  The instructions choreograph the movement of the group. 

Zach Aliotta, Jil Christensen, Crowmeat Bob and Steve Robinson, Birds of Passage: Stockhausen’s Intuitive Music:  An exploration of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s scores for intuitive music– visceral revelations and communion through improvisation, in his words, “everything completely direct, from concrete experience.”

Amy AndersonThe Wing Project:  A Participatory Event, Black Mountain College:  If humans had wings, what would they look like?  Come make wings with us!  Gather your own materials or use materials provided!  Selfie station included.

Click Bait with Madalyn Wofford, Kaylee Dunn, Byron Browne, Ethan Gibbs, Michah Parsons, Chris O’Leary, Michael Iauch, and Adam McDaniels : “Click Bait”  is an interactive landscape that explores the ways in which we find ourselves lured by our human desire and impulse. Drawing on thoughts from Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America, we want to highlight the human condition and the absurd nature of attraction. “Click Bait” will emulate the space inside the neon wilderness of a fish tank.

Crista Cammaroto + Jason Michel: Terra Forms: Equinoctal Hours will begin with a temporal onsite earthwork installation and change every hour as performance artist Crista Cammaroto marks the change of time and increase of the sun by placing found natural objects into the composition. Sound artist Jason Michel will create sound collages made on sight using surrounding ambient sounds manipulated and processed in real time through software patches designed for the event with the intention of amplifying and nurturing the transactional relationship between art, observer, and environment. 

Performing the Archive, Time is No Object: Jean Varda’s Trojan Horse Performing the Archive is an experimental act of research and art making designed to reveal the slippages between past and present and to enliven the static archival document. Warren Wilson college students with guidance from professors Jacob Brault, Anna Helgeson and Julie Levin Caro will create an installation and performance inspired by Beaumont Newhall’s historic photographs of Jean Varda’s Trojan horse and the infamous Greek party held at Black Mountain College during the summer art institute of 1946. Sculptor Jacob Brault and his students will reconstruct Varda’s horse to scale and install it for the {Re}HAPPENING at its original location on the lawn between the dining hall and the lodges, and students in Anna Helgeson’s performance art course will dive into the materials at the Western Regional Archives to create a performance piece that activates and embodies this particular moment, while seeking a new way of knowing the past. Participating artists: Jacob Brault, Julie Levin Caro, Nora Godfrey, Anna Helgeson, Red Herring, Declan King, Jack Konyk, Gabrielle Petersen, Eve Metzger, and Celeste Winebarger.

Rhona Eve Clews + The Asheville Darkroom, Rituals for visual listening I. Water. II. Night.: Rituals for visual listening: I: Water. – Watch artist Rhona Eve Clews as she engages in a physical, creative dialogue with the elements making photographs with the waters of Lake Eden. Take part and experience photography as an expanded field of drawing, painting, chance, gesture and touch alongside vision. // Rituals for visual listening: II. Night. – Follow a photographic night procession as Rhona and members of The Asheville Darkroom use flashlight, fire and the tools of early photography to illuminate the aura of site. Bathe in the red glow as images arise from the developing tray and night transforms into darkroom.

Maggie Finnegan + Rufino Jimenez, Van Grote en Kleine Vogels by Jacob Ter Veldhuis:  Soprano Maggie Finnegan performs the US Premiere of Dutch composer Jacob Ter Veldhuis’ piece for coloratura soprano and soundtrack entitled Van Grote en Kleine Vogels (Of large and small birds).  This piece, written in 1987 has poetry by the prominent Dutch poet and painter Lucebert. Visual artist Rufino Jimenez will create a live piece of art during the performance. 

Lei Han, Wayne Kirby, Roy (Future man) Wooten, CORE This project will contain a 5 minutes and 35 seconds multi-channel audio/visual installation on loop, as well as, a live audio/visual performance. CORE is inspired by a classic of Chinese Philosophical literature, The Dao De Jing, which offers insights concerning the cultivation of one’s body and attaining one’s proper place within nature and the cosmos. This abstract audio/visual experience plays out of a tension between form and the formless, aims to make connections between the seen and unseen forces at play in nature. The music was composted by Dr. Wayne Kirby, Ruth Paddison Distinguished Professor at UNC Asheville and Grammy award winning musician/inventor, Roy (Future Man) Wooten. Visual artist, Lei Han, Chair and Associate Professor of the New Media Department at UNC Asheville.

Wild Child Productions (Mike Weix, Wendell Kling, Leslie Samuels)Oracle :  Have a question? Ask The Oracle. The “Oracle” is a continuously intermittent multi-media installation artist interface opportunity for obtaining secret knowledge. Passers by are invited to participate by picking up the phone and asking a question of the Oracle. The voice of the Oracle manifests itself in verbal and musical immersive soundscapes, visual illusions and microenvironments. Characterized by, improvisation, revelation, concealment, and deceit,  the Oracle performs.

Kathy Leiner, fireWall : firewall 1. person, thing, or event that acts as a barrier; to block, inhibit, prevent. A multi-media performance created collaboratively by dancers and the audience. This
movement piece uses choice and chance to explore barriers, vulnerability, and to question how
our exposure or anonymity affects our actions. ​  

Peculiar WorksPlanet X : Inspired by the de-planetization of our solar system’s 9th planet in 2006, Planet X questions everything we think we know to be incontrovertible. This scripted physical theater piece draws on appropriated text and engages multiple artistic disciplines, including dance, music, poetry, magic, astrology, video projections, and circus techniques. On a journey to uncover life’s true facts, our Host and Hostess descend into the underworld, embodying Roman gods Pluto and Proserpina, as well as astrologers, astronomers, teachers, and even Venetia Burney, the 12-year-old who named the planet.

Matt Liddle, Lauren Medford, Sara Method w/ Students from Western North Carolina University, Mixed Matrix Messaging- a printmaking collaboration : Multiple artists will contribute images to be combined as printing elements during the Re-happening. Images will be generated in advance of the event and will include words and pictures to be combined in an improvisational way. Artists will be making prints on site- and assisting audience members to do the same.

Chas Llewellyn, Zenotopia-Moog An interactive video/sound installation, over six years in development.  Participants are invited to play multiple electric instruments collectively driving a multilayered non-liner junkyard part stop-motion animation.

Alli Marshall, Sharon Cooper, Coco Palmer Dolce, Melissa Hyman, Sleeping on Rooftops : Sleeping on Rooftops, a collaborative work of spoken word, dance and experimental cello music, follows the model of the hero’s journey, as explained by mythologist Joseph Campbell. The story is of a young woman who ventures into the world for the first time. The piece was inspired by the collaborations of Black Mountain College artists M.C. Richards, Merce Cunningham and John Cage, and their collective foray into the source of creativity.

Carolina McAlisterChildren’s Leaf Collages and Potato and Apple Prints in honor of Ruth Asawa :  At Black Mountain the artists made art from simple materials that were readily available. I would like to set up a table with art materials for children to make beautiful leaf collages, potato prints, and apple prints. Ruth Asawa, who made collages and prints under the tutelage of Josef Albers, and who devoted much of her life to making sure children learned art from working artists is my inspiration. I have written a picture book biography of her that will be published by Roaring Brook/Macmillan.

Marisa Adesman and Anna McNearyRavel (Not a Problem): Marisa Adesman and Anna McNeary join their practices to comment on the costs and implications of emotional labor, especially as they relate to power dynamics in personal relationships. In Ravel, through physical expressions of labor, vulnerability, and comfort, they examine ideas of imbalance and reciprocity, the differences and commonalities between performing care and performing labor, and the slipperiness that exists between these two roles.

Frank Meadows, Tribute To James Tenney by Alvin Lucier (performance for solo double bass and electronics) : Alvin Lucier is one of the 20th century’s seminal composers, helping to bridge the gap between concert music in the wake of John Cage, and the beginnings of contemporary sound art. His “Tribute to James Tenney” features fixed electronics and double bass, and displays Lucier’s signature fascination with beat frequencies, fixed media and just intonation. It manages in 17 minutes to explore both the full harmonic capabilities of the double bass, and the resonant frequencies of the performance space. 

Mystery Meat (Kristy Compton, Karina Caporino, Bill Reilly, MB Schaffner, and Kadeylynn Ballard)Audio Diorama 04, 05, and 06 Audio Diorama 04, 05, and 06 are womb like and sound insulated listening rooms built to contain the head of a single participant. Each offers an auditory and visual experience distinct from the world outside.

Amelia Pate, Shadow Rise/Shadow Fall: Shadow Rise/Shadow Fall was created as a playful experiment of the interaction between light and fabric. The canopy, created from natural dyes, is brought to life with sunlight by day and LEDs by night. I believe in the power of play as a transformative experience, both within this sculpture, and in one’s interaction with it.  I hope that this canopy not only provides a place of reflection, but that it actively inspires the space and people around it. 

John Pugh, Hunting Drums:  Pieces of a drum set are disassembled and placed in the branches of a tree. Participants fire mallet-headed arrows at the drums and percussion from various spots around the tree creating an improvisatory rhythmic and tonal composition based on luck, technique and the interface between human technology and Nature. Part of the Open Set series of sculptural compositions by John Pugh. 

Cyanotype (Dan Ruccia, viola; David Menestres, bass; Michael Thomas Jackson, clarinet; Laurent Estoppey, saxophones) : Led by violist and composer Dan Ruccia, Cyanotype is an ever-shifting collective of North Carolina-based improvisers who build complicated structures, melodies, and textures out of whatever personalities happen to be gathered. Their music is completely improvised, built around the spirit of collective conversation and exploration. 

Polyorchard (Dan Ruccia, viola; David Menestres, bass; Michael Thomas Jackson, clarinet; Laurent Estoppey, saxophones) : Polyorchard’s performance at the 2018 ReHappening will consist of the world premieres of 4 new works written by the members of Polyorchard specifically with the memory of Black Mountain College in mind, connected by short interludes using some of Jackson Mac Low’s Gathas.

Silvia Sheffield, silhouette silhouette silvia : Layers of projection blur the physical and digital as Silvia-present dances an improvised duet with Silvia-past. She moves through/behind/inside while investigating how to incorporate chance and surprise when performing with yourself.

Ash Eliza Smith + Mike Calway-Fagen, YOU MUST GO HOME AGAIN YOU MUST GO HOME AGAIN is a a live art game that incorporates chance, play and error as part of the experimentation—and fun—to be had. This interactive game, activates multiple locations—and invites you to participate in an experience, a place and a performing archive of Black Mountain College, North Carolina.

Abby Wendle, ~1652 Hz ~1652 Hz, the approximate frequency of an angry tone of voice – is an ongoing exploration of the sounds we make to express the rage that comes in grief. Re:happening attendees, artists, and staff will be invited into a “howling temple” to reflect on a particular grievance – an emotional bruise – until out roars a howl, a whimper, an individual vibration. If no particular grievance comes to mind, people will be encouraged to make sounds they associate with grief – in the belief that action might stir up emotion. Participants will be given privacy, but their vocalizations will be audio recorded.