A rotating cast of accordionists that includes: August Hoerr, Nicole McConville, Sparrow Pants, Patrick Kukucka, Valerie Meiss, Cassandra Rachelle Barrett IV, Jeremy Brett Carter, Tiziana Severese

The Institute for the Advancement of Occultism and Aerophonics is committed to making concept driven performance art music that is actually kinda pleasant to listen to, and tinkering with sonic invocations that have the potential to open transdimensional portals in a hey-this-is-a-really-bad-idea-but-also-pretty-hilarious-ha-ha-kind-of-way. (That is our first song.)

We are the product of a simple formula: begin with a fellowship of accordions, remove irony, novelty, and capitulation, and proceed to make music with whatever remains.

shot by Chris Fairfax, Rebecca Peterson, Raven Tenderfoot & Kurt Mann
edited by Gene A. Felice II