Performance and Interactive art live on when captured on film.

Without your help, the 2013 {Re}Happening won’t get the documentation on film it deserves.  We’ve designed this flexible funding campaign in stages so that as each goal is met, more work will be performed for the {Re}Happening and Anemone Dance Theater.

First Goal: $1000.00

Covers the cost for two cameramen and their equipment to cover the entire {Re}Happening, Saturday April 6, 2013, with interviews of artists and patrons.

NOTE: if this is the highest funding level we reach, rewards that require editing will not be fulfilled on a schedule.  Regardless, raw footage will be made available to the Black Mountain College Museum and Anemone Dance Theater.  Editing will be completed as time permits and as other funds become available.

If we’re fully funded, we should be able to deliver all rewards before the end of May 2013.


Second Goal: $1500.00

Covers the cost of capturing the set-up and works in progress as they develop on site for the {Re}Happening before the event opens allowing for more intimate interviews with artists as they prepare for the public.

We will also film portions of the the Friday night dress rehearsal of Anemone Dance Theater’s new piece, “Angler.” Closeups, details, and angles difficult or impossible to capture during a live performance will be taken and later integrated into the live performance footage.

Third Goal: $2500.00

Covers the cost for a full edit of the “Angler” performance


Fourth Goal: $4500.00

Covers the cost to edit a comprehensive cinematic short for the 2013 {Re}Happening.


Fifth Goal: $5000.00

Covers the cost for the addition of motion graphics to compliment the short produced for the re-happening.


Sixth Goal: $10,000.00

Any additional funds contributed to this project will be put toward the next artistic collaboration between Peter Brezny and Sara Baird of Anemone Dance Theater.


About the Filmmakers

Peter Brezny and Robert Klein, both Asheville Natives, have been creating cinematic shorts together since 2005, each winning multiple awards in either direction, cinematography, writing, motion graphics, and overall ‘best film’ at the 48 Hour Film Festival here in Asheville.


Robert’s motion graphics and data visualization techniques have been featured at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, used in nationally televised commercials, and implemented in hundreds of local companies films, displays, advertising, and internal presentations.

Check out more of Robert’s work at:


Peter, raised by two professional photographers, has exhibited still photography locally, and worked on regional and international documentaries/photography projects in Boulder, Colorado; Washington, DC; Leon, Nicaragua; and throughout France and Spain.  He will be traveling to Iran later this spring with Infocus Global Media to document the every day lives of Iranian citizens to help the world recognize that at our core, we are all one human family and peaceful dialogue may be a better approach to a safe and inclusive world.

You can see a few more examples of Peter’s work at: