In Partnership with the Easel Rider Mobile Art Lab

Saturday March 17th, starting at 8pm
On Walnut Street in front of the Walnut Wine Bar

For this multimedia performance event we are collaborating with Easel Rider, the City of Asheville’s Mobile Art Lab, which will be present to help us make the streets and buildings of downtown come alive. Event is free! We will also have a special performance in the Coop Gallery on Carolina Lane

A pre-event for the upcoming {Re}HAPPENING at Lake Eden, Black Mountain, NC on April 7th, 2012.

Artists / Performances include:

Video Projection on Architecture by Gene Felice
Video Projection on Architecture and possible site specific screens / performance by Joel Horne
Performance / Sound / Multi-Media projection by Sara Baird, Julie Becton Gillum, Kima Moore & Lei Han
Dance Performance by Janice Lancaster inside the Coop gallery
Fog Bombing / Multi-media by Chad Adair
Sound / DJ work by Chandra Shukla
Performance TBD by Claire Elizabeth Barratt
Story Telling / Performance by Ted Pope