Event Info 2014

Saturday, April 5th 2014

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General Event Info:

The {Re}HAPPENING honors the dynamic artistic energy of Black Mountain College and pays tribute to the groundbreaking innovations of that community of artists. Meanwhile, the event launches a contemporary platform for artists and patrons to experience adventurous art and creativity in the present day.

This year’s event takes place on Saturday April 5, 2014 and re-imagines Black Mountain College’s tradition of Saturday night parties and performances. This year marks the fifth annual {Re}HAPPENING when more than eighty artists from the region’s diverse creative communities will come together in the spirit of Black Mountain College. Artists are encouraged to push the envelope and take risks by incorporating spontaneity, experimentation, audience participation and/or interdisciplinary modes of art-making into their work.

The evening unfolds on the original campus of Black Mountain College (currently Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain). The grounds and buildings offer an array of sites for artists to utilize as the setting for their work – including forests, fields, hiking trails, tennis courts, a target range, the roundhouse, the lodges and cabins, large gymnasium, all against the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and Lake Eden. This setting occupies a unique place in history. Sharing art in this beautiful location is what makes the {Re}HAPPENING a deeply resonant event.

The event begins at 6pm with a cocktail hour where guests explore the grounds and socialize on the side porch. This is followed by a seated dinner held in the historic Lake Eden Dining Hall where ‘Happenings’ first began. After dinner, general admission brings in hundreds more visitors to experience a night of performances and installations.