By: Ted Pope

A multi-media project inspired by the idea (indeed by obsession with the idea) of tapping into and creating a portal or link with the “Energy” residing in the Sacred Space of The Quiet House and keeping this “Energy” open and flowing throughout the ReHappening and beyond. Lightning Below Lake seeks to share with patrons a tangible experience of Sacred Energy to be communed with meditated upon, carried away and shared with other beings.

Lightening Below Lake will be located in The Quiet House (#11 Camp Rockmont Map Legend) and make use of it in it’s original capacity as “A place for meditation and ceremony.”

The process will involve an installation composed primarily of stone and wood the two materials used in the building of The Quiet House by it’s designer/constructor Alex “Bill” Reed with the help of Mary Gregory. Other natural materials will be used such as native plant blossoms and fibers, deer moss, horn, shell and bone. An assortment of ceramics will be used, symbolic of one quote of many by the mystic Meister Eckhart which Reed copied into his journals from a translation of, Eckhart’s book given to him by, Josef Albers.

Man made materials will be used sparingly. Lighting will be placed inside hollow logs, gourds and large conch shells. Small sculptures and dioramas representational of a “Sacred Mythology of Black Mountain College” will be placed inside hollow tubes of tree bark, hollowed logs and stumps. A projector will be placed inside a hollow stump hiding it from view. A video will be designed especially for the installation. As the evening draws to a close an original poem composed especially for the occasion will be performed. Works by Black Mountain College poets and others will be presented: Jonathan Williams, Rumaker, Creeley, etc. The audience will be invited to participate in sacred call and response and sacred dance ending the performance and closing Lightening Below Lake a multimedia project dedicated to: Alex Reed, Mary Gregory, Theodore, Barbara and Mark Dreier.  

The work will take place organically as a seed feels the warmth of the sun and opens.