By: Elisa Faires (creator) Ivan Seng, Ella Patrick, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Meghan Mulhearn, Alisha Torrealba, David Lynch, Cheryl Eugenia Barnes, Lucy Waldrup, Chandra Shukla, Scott Gornick, Kimathi Moore, Alec Sturgis, Frank Meadows, Joe Moresi, David Grubba, Ryan Oslance, Shane Perlowin, Martha Skinner, Hannah Sommer, Jennifer Worthen, Ted Pope, Van Arthur, Ashely Graber, Neal Wilson

Exquisite Corpse is a collaborative installation that will have live music, sound, dance, visual art, spoken word and video. ┬áThe inspiration and methods are based on a collective chance-based game or technique ┬ádeveloped by the Surrealists called The Exquisite Corpse: originally a technique for words, images and drawings that were collectively assembled together where each of the individual participants were unaware of each other’s contributions until the work is finally completed.