Location: South Lodge Lobby

Time: Ongoing installation in South Lodge Lobby and performance in ‘Sound Room’.

Brief Description: Shenzhen is the recording and musical performance project of Nick Scavo and Alex Cummings.  Akimbo is a site specific installation constructed specifically for {Re}Happening 2013, and is an extension of Shenzhen’s music in physical space.  The piece explores the distinction between concepts of ancient and modern faith and devotion. The project creates a visual mythology for Shenzhen’s music and will include the integration of video, tape loops, constructed sculpture, ready-made objects, and ink drawings. Aspects of the installation are loosely inspired by Phillip March Jones Roadside Memorial Polaroids published by the BMC related Jargon Society (114).

Shenzhen’s musical performance will consist of aural hymns and exaltations of the myth presented in the Akimbo installation.  The duo will be supported by a six person choir processed through deep digital degradation.

Here is a general description of Shenzhen’s music:

“Shenzhen hones in on an aggressive and uncertain middle ground between the guitar and laptop. This is human vs. machine music: deep narrative content supported by dissonant sub frequencies and harsh samples. The tension they create stems from breaking down the narrative lyric, the folk-song, and subjecting it to future-discomfort.”