(The Making, Map, and Burial, of Book No: 26)
Video Performance Exhibition
by Michael James Folliett
Created for {Re}HAPPENING 2012
3 videos:
The Making of Black Book No: 26
The Map of Black Book No: 26
The Burial of Black Book No: 26

Black Book No. 26: the second time the artist has video documented any of his “Black Books.” The artwork itself was never seen publicly, only created, transported, and buried by the artist. Each part of the process is documented as three separate videos: The Making of Black Book No: 26, The Map of Black Book No: 26, and The Burial of Black Book No: 26. The videos will serve as part of a future retrospective of this book geocache art project. The burial of Black Book No. 26 has created a temporary, possibly permeant, resting place for the art piece. The artist “pirate” holds the map to the burial site “booty”, where the book will remain for future art patrons to unearth. This years book is buried on the mountain peak adjacent to University of North Carolina’s Asheville campus. The site was chosen by the artist, due to the connection to a course taken there in the spring of (2012). The course is appropriately titled: The History of The Black Mountain College, taught by Brian Butler.
Black Books: A  examination and documentation of my life in notebooks.  An experiential approach to daily advertisement, subversive content, personal context, storytelling approaches, inferences, mostly situational and environmental.  A  2D linear approach of ideas, everything from completely unfiltered trash / scrap to otherwise raw / under-processed artistic ideas of the now.  A collection of a lifetime of ideas, art, and culture, makes comments on linear thought and the traditional book format. A cultural artifact.