“A Tribute and Reflection of the Relationship,” which first premiered at New York City’s Danspace Project Food for Thought in November 2010 is lighthearted and jovial. Lindsey and Mindy are a goofy, fun team, but are nothing less than dancing machines. Their unyielding athleticism combined with a very tangible bond is palpable and alive. They use combinations of playful, random, and humorous gestural movements paired with impressive, mammoth dancing.  Although the two come from very different backgrounds, any opportunity to enjoy, share, and celebrate their friendship is the goal. Treasuring and reflecting brings about great layers of contrasting ideas, sensations, and even theories of joy. The piece is a journey, but of what is either unknown, unfinished, or is simply unimportant to define.  This investigation, however, drives the team to continue the search.“