Entanglement by Kendall Nordin

A performative, durational drawing lasting for at least 1.5 hours.  I roll out a scroll of thin tracing paper.  Holding a pen in each hand, face down on the paper with my arms as far as they can reach, I draw two small circles.  Then, I push back and connect the two circles with a faint graphite line.  I repeat these exact actions for as long as I can. The drawing emerges over time, accumulating like connective tissue between the bolder circular marks.  When finished, the elements from the performance will remain as an installation and space for contemplation.

The title and core idea for the piece come from Quantum Theory’s provable yet inexplicable phenomenon wherein vastly distant subatomic particles are connected to the point that if you alter the spin of one, the other mimics that change instantaneously.  Scientists still do not understand how the particles “communicate”.  Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”.  Essentially, everything we are is everything that is. We are all made of the same materials as each other and are connected in ways that are deeper than we can comprehend.g