Proposal for the 2012 ReHappening
Title: Divination of 2012
Artist: Lynn Nesseth
Artists Work:

The “Divination of 2012,” the fifth installment of artist-augur Lynn Nesseth’s ‘Divination Series,’ is a conceptual artwork collaborating the psychic and photographic craft of thirteen artists.  Nesseth and the appointed twelve artists, pictured below, are using consecrated single-shot disposable “Fortune Cameras” as mediums for evidencing prophetic images of their lives.  The pictures now being taken will be laid into spreads; each individual photograph acting as a card with its own fortune.  Twelve pairs of two compose each roll of 24 exposures, signifying binary aspects of the twelve Astrological Signs.  Each photograph is contextualized into a realm of the artist’s life by its placement into its corresponding Astrological House, or life field, based on the artist’s time of birth.  Adherent to American “pop-ritual”, each fortune will be tagged with phrases relative to aspects of each House via “in bed” or “in my unions.”

In essence, the spread provides a reading of each individual artist’s Natal Birth Chart; the first pair of photographs corresponding with the artist’s Ascendant or Rising Sign.  The spread was divined by Nesseth while walking in the forest carrying a single-shot disposable camera under a sun in Scorpio, a moon transitioning from Pisces into Aries at 2:02pm conjunct Uranus and the influence of divinatory psychotropics.  In this divined system, the unknown is harnessed through the artists’ intuitive choices for content and composition within their imagery.  The most revealing indication of meaning will be foremost the artists’ feelings and intuitive impressions when regarding a given subject within the spread.  The entire collection of images from all twelve rolls of film will be installed within a grand binary configuration of the spreads.  Adjunct to the installation, archetypal portraits are being taken of the inspired twelve.  Each artist will be gifted an album containing and documenting their personal divinatory reading.

The Budget

Total Expense: $842.42

  • 16 “Fortune Cameras” from Urban Outfitters have been purchased for this piece: 12 for the collaborating artists and 4 for the Mediatrix; 3 for documentation and 1 as the original divination camera: (16) $12.81= $204.96
  • Iris Photo, of Asheville, is providing a 10% discount for development; doubles and a high resolution CD for each camera, with the discount, is $23.44(16)= $375.04
  • For each collaborator to be gifted an album of their individual divination  reading: 16 S.E.I brand 4×6 “preservation album” have been purchased at wholesale: (16)$1.99=$31.84
  • 400 extra plastic sheet protectors have been purchased from S.E.I wholesale to complete each album plus hold the installation of 336 photographs: (40)$0.99= $39.60 (plus shipping: $16.98)
  • Estimated budget for Archetypal Portraits costuming and make-up ~$12/artist: $144
  • Hiring a seamstress to sew together 336 plastic sheet protectors for the installation: estimated $30


  •   $6  level:  One 4×6 print chosen at random from the entire collection
  • $12  level:  One 4×6 print of the Artist-Augur (Artist’s Choice)
  • $24  level:  One pair of  4×6 prints from the Archetypal Portraits (Your Request)
  • $48  level:  One pair of 4×6 prints from the Twelve readings (Your Request)
  • $96  level:  Two pairs of  4×6 prints from the “Divination of 2012” collection (Your Request)
  • Special Enticement Incentive Offer:  $202 level

“Divination of 2012” Limited Edition Personal Reading Set

There will only be twelve of these Sets available.  Purchase of a set will require your contracted agreement to share the property rights with Lynn Nesseth.  By agreeing you are a co-creator of the “Divination of 2012” and will be subject to disclose duplicates of the Divination Roll film from your Limited Edition Personal Reading Set and share the contents of your notation journal with the Artist at any time when she may contact you.  The Personal Reading Set will be made available within one month after full payment and signature of agreement are received.

Limited Edition Personal Reading Set Contents:

One Divination Camera, One Notation Journal, One Preservation Album, Divinatory Reading Sheets for Album Organization, Seven Golden Star Stickers, Page of Instructions, Fortune Cookie

  • One Limited Edition Personal Reading Set will be gifted to the Black Mountain College Foundation Archive.

Please Contact Lynne if you would like to help support her project.