Our Story

Hi, I’m Madison J. Cripps, a puppeteer in Asheville, NC. I’m working on a performance project called Nightmare of Noise with Keith Shubert of Toybox Theatre. We have performed this show as part of Asheville’s Fringe Festival and now want to take it to the Re HAPPENING 2012 in early April hosted at Black Mountain College. I’ve been reading and experimenting a lot with Circuit Bending and what is possible I’m now am ready to make the next step which includes an investment of tools, materials and toys.

The Impact

The performance is a costumed noise show using toy instruments and electronic toys. It is an experience. I also have enjoyed merging my puppetry skills with the circuit bending. The possibilities are endless and I want to see where it can take me. This campaign will help the process move along by taking some of the financial burden. If we don’t meet our goal it will be slower, more difficult progress with less possibilities as to what we can create.

What We Need & What You Get

To make this really happen we need at least $600. about $400 of this is for tools and materials, the remaining 200 is for covering a portion of my studio overhead while working on this project, transportation costs to the Re HAPPENING and the performance. If we don’t meet our goal, the money raised will first go to cover a portion of the tools and materials then transportation, performance, and studio overhead in that order.

When you support this campaign we offer you some cool perks at different levels, Signed Nightmare of Noise Posters, Soundtracks and even Circuit bent Toys.

Other Ways You Can Help

Like this idea? Want to see it happen? Tell your friends, like it on the Facebook, find CrippsPuppets on Youtube, Etsy and Linkedin. Thank you!