Marley Carroll is a prodigious multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from Asheville, North Carolina. The beginnings of his musicianship sprang from training in piano, percussion and scratch DJ technique. Marley performs with several different formats. He has developed a solo, live PA set of his original material and is a world class turntablist. Marley also performs arrangements of his original material with a 5 piece live band featuring keys, bass, guitar, dobro and drums.

Par David is a music promoter and DJ residing in Asheville, North Carolina. He is one of the co-creators of the Trinumeral Music and Arts Festival and Under One Beat Entertainment.  Trinumeral is a yearly music and arts festival held on the date when the day, month, and year align. The festival began on January 1, 2001: 01.01.01 and has 
expanded to become a multidisciplinary event held every year on 
the synchronized dates.