funded in part by The Media Arts Project, Community Grant

“Can You Feel It?” is an interactive exploration of nostalgia experienced via cutting-edge technologies and immersive environments.  The project examines rave culture and its radical, international appeal as a defining moment of a generation.  Brinker’s objective is to “create an emotional space where sincerity and irony can coexist, where ‘low’ and ‘high’ culture collapse into each other”.
Brinker aims to expose the irony of contemporary nostalgia for this moment– experienced alone as opposed to amidst an energetic crowd; via low-quality digital media on computer speakers, instead of through massive sound systems in huge warehouse venues.
Using Kinect motion capture to control Ableton Live software (using Ryan Challinor’s Synapse for Kinect application), the project will create a four-channel reactive audio environment that generates rave music at an intensity dependent on the participant’s enthusiastic movements.  The interactive environment is an aural response to motion that allows the participant to “explore the richly associative world of the recent past”.