Draft Schedule (Subject to Change)

Cocktail Hour (6:00 – 7:00)
Performances and installations on the grounds

Dinner (7:00 – 8:30)
MC: David Novak as R. Buckminster Fuller
Piano music by Sebastian Collett & Kim Roney

Small Dreams of Home: Exploration of Sound and Word
Caleb Beissert & Aaron Price

In Union
Kim Roney, Nathanael Roney & R. Brooke Priddy

Hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Elliott Moss

Salad courtesy of Chestnut

Bread courtesy of Farm & Sparrow

Entrée and Vegetable courtesy of Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian

Dessert courtesy of Short Street Cakes

Wine courtesy of Blue Spiral 1 and Biltmore Winery

Beer courtesy of Wedge Brewing Co. and French Broad Brewery

Non-Alcoholic Beverages courtesy of Green Sage Café

Coffee courtesy of Penny Cup Roasters

Vintage China courtesy of UpStyled Setting

Table Decor courtesy of UpStyled Setting, Ursula Gullow & The Asheville School art students


Scheduled Performances

Entry Green 2
6:00, 7:30, 11:15 (60 minutes)
So nice to visit with you again: the shape of invitation
Mellie Lonnemann, Corey Denham, Stacy L. Kraft & Lucy Kruesel {Chance Operations Group}

Roaming Around Lake
6:00, 8:00 (60 minutes)
Vesna’s Fall
Created by No Collective (You Nakai, Kay Festa, Earle Lipski, et al.) & Dreary Somebody (Lindsey Drury); danced by Laura Bartczak, Paige Fredlund, Kaia Gilje, Katelyn Hales, Molly Schaffner, Lindsey Drury & You Nakai

North Lodge 9
Sound Room
Will Isenogle, Kimathi Moore, Nick Scavo & Alisha Torrealba (curators), Nick Scavo & David Grubba (visuals)

8:00 One String, One Note, One Hour (Vincent Wrenn)

9:15 TTROLL (Sean Dail)

9:40 Páciens Trine (David Grubba)

10:05 Lunar Creature (Meg Mulhearn & David James Lynch)

10:30 Housefire (Lucy Waldrup)

10:55 ant’lrd (Colin Blanton)

11:20 Tann Jones (Joe Moresi)

11:45 Cowboy Crisis (Abraham Leonard, Dailey Toliver, Luke Norton & Danni Losello)

Dining Hall Side Porch 13 
8:39, 9:39, 10:39
Tracing thoughts: Capturing processes of (anti)academic artistic research
Mark Bloch, Jonathan C. Creasy, Astrid Kaemmerling & Danielle C. Wyckoff {Chance Operations Group}

Dining Hall 14
Small Dreams of Home: Exploration of Sound and Word
Caleb Beissert & Aaron Price

solo electric guitar by Shane Perlowin

improv dance by Rachel Rugh

Ear Blooms
poetry by Ted Pope

Desert Installation
Shane Perlowin and friends

Central Lawn 16
6:15, 10:15 (25 minutes)
Julie Becton Gillum (concept and direction); Madison J. Cripps & Keith Shubert (collaborators); Kimathi Moore (composition); Sara Baird, Jenni Cockrell, Madison J. Cripps, Keith Shubert & Geo Sims (performers)

Beach 17
9:35 (25 minutes)
Sarah Ruth Bonner & Kimathi Moore

Dock (Lake Eden) 18
6:45, 10:45 (20 minutes)
DeWayne Barton, Michael Dickins, Amy Hamilton & Victor Palomino {Chance Operations Group}

Lakeshore 19
9:00 (25 minutes)
Anemone Dance Theater, Sara Baird with Julie Becton Gillum, Jenni Cockrell & Rachel Thomas-Levy; Kimathi Moore (composition); Christopher Perryman (ice, wood and set design) & Amanda-Ray Danko (costume design)

Field Below Gymnasium 20
6:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:00 (15 minutes)
Absolute Relativity
Amy Dowling (choreography), Susan Brown-Strauss (costumer), Frank Brannon (papermaking), Amanda Glover & Whitney Hinson (performers) & Jenna Ostapovich (make-up)

Gymnasium 21
Lindsey Kelley Dance Improv with Kathleen Hahn & Lindsey Kelley

8:30, 10:00 (20 minutes)
reel to real, take 2
Lindsey Kelley (choreography), Amy Borskey, Kathleen Hahn, Kala Hildebrand, Lindsey Kelley & Alexis Miller (performers)

8:00, 9:30 (20 minutes)
The Telephone Dance Project
Rachel Rugh, Barbara Tait, Katie Sopoci Drake & Eliza Larson

9:00 (30 minutes)
No Limit
Christian Church (manager), Charles McCurry (manager), Alisha Torrealba (manager), Amber Torrealba (player), Cody Sarabia (player), Ryan Oslance (player), Tom Vinson (announcer), Luke Campbell (announcer) & Taylor Daugherty (designer)

Quiet House 22
10:00 (15 minutes)
Lightening Below Lake (installation & poetry reading)
Ted Pope

Boathouse 24
8:30 (boat lands at beach)
9:00 (new performance every 5 minutes until midnight)
Cage Dies Bird Flies (phase 1)
Dale Williams & Ben Miller


Ongoing Installations

Archery Range 3
Directional, Dimensional
Amelia Smith (choreography), Steve Lansford (music & visuals) & Peter Kusek (audio-visuals) {Chance Operations Group}

Tennis Courts 4
Jimmy O’Neal

Green Lawn 6
Shadow Waking
Grayson Morris

South Lodge 7
Ursula Gullow

(left hallway)
Rae Whitlock

Trial Separation
Sebastian Collett, Daniel Sabio & Jody Servon {Chance Operations Group} 

South Lodge Porch 8
Laila Alamiri, Brittany Hulsey & Jon DeBerry (builder)

North Lodge 9
Fossils of The Blue Epoch
Madalyn Wofford & Brett Wyatt

South Meadow 10
Keeping Time
Severn Eaton & Stephen Barnwell (Circuit Surgeon)

Entry Road 11
The Inverted Picture Show
Jason Clements, Bridget Conn, Samantha Stewart, Alison Tippins, Eric Velleca, & Dylan Suter

Round House 12
Tone Poems (Post Piano Project)
Kehren Barbour & Michael Luchtan

Dining Hall 14
High Eye View
Ken Abbott

(screened porch)
Further Worker: Trench Sentiments
(Age Cowboy) J Seger & Nathanael Roney

Dining Hall Deck 15
ᎢᏤ ᏍᎩᎵ – New Booger
Jeff Marley

Theater 23
Exquisite Corpse
Elisa Faires, Ivan Seng, Ella Patrick, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Meghan Mulhearn, Alisha Torrealba, David Lynch, Cheryl Eugenia Barnes, Lucy Waldrup, Chandra Shukla, Scott Gornick, Kimathi Moore, Alec Sturgis, Frank Meadows, Joe Moresi, David Grubba, Ryan Oslance, Shane Perlowin, Martha Skinner, Hannah Sommer, Jennifer Worthen, Ted Pope, Van Arthur, Ashely Graber, Neal Wilson

Cabins 25
Cabin A
Beat Glam
Jim MacKenzie

Cabin B
Under a Tongue
Will Owen

Cabin C
Doubly Reflexive Generative Sound
Richard Brewster